Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Blog: "Roots and Wings"

Turpentine is now an archive. Find my continued ramblings at Roots and Wings.

Turpentine Archives

I can't just delete four years of memories from the ether. That's hours, days, weeks and months of my life spent typing and uploading images. You've lost your mind if you think I'm letting it go. Nope, Turpentine is now an archive of all the craziness you can handle from May 2006-June 2010.

All 1600+ entries are still there, as well as the tags, but I thought I'd list a few of the largest and most frequently visited sections -- just to make it easier to help you find what you might be lookin' for.

Italy 08-09
Ramble through the 8 months of entries I posted while living in Italy. Beware, there are 235 posts under this heading, so if you're looking for a specific country (England is my favorite) or certain cities, like London, Florence, Rome or Venice, it might be best to go to that place's heading.

43 glorious tales of the 12 days in March 2009, when Amanda, Karen and Joy came to visit me in Italy.

Europe 2006
The 31 original posts that started me blogging in the first place. Included in the month of travel were four days with one of our bestie couples, Nic and Betsy.

My baby. 90 pages of him.

The Nashville Chronicles
I truly adored living in Nash, so here's where you'll find a collection of some of our favorite adventures from the year we spent in Music City.

I feel like I have to put this since I talked about it so much. Like, 299 times much. (107 of those were all about LOST, 49 dedicated to Friday Night Lights.)

We like music around here. We like it live and loud.

An Exchange
A section I plan to continue here on RnW. People say funny things. In my life, it's often Josh, so I record it all and put it on the Internet for strangers to read. Sister categories, Mishaps and Lists are also entertaining.

I have thoughts. Some are serious, some are not. If you're looking for a more personal perspective, check out the Faith tag.

California '07
I was still learning my way around the non-traveling blogosphere back then. It's truly a shame there are only 15 entries about the three months I lived in Venice Beach and went to school at UCLA.